performed by Naomi Fiske

Every relationship bears a uniqueness that can not be duplicated.  Since marriage is a symbol of the union between two individuals, the actual wedding ceremony should be a reflection of the specific union it is celebrating. 

Your ceremony should be a reflection of your specific bonding.  You are invited to involve yourselves more intensely and choose a blend of rituals from both traditional and non-traditional spiritual and religious paths.  The details, such as music, location, readings and wedding vows can be enhanced and altered to reflect the bride and groom perfectly. 

Naomi Fiske is an ordained minister and pastoral psychotherapist who performs weddings that honor all traditions.  She respects the gift that marriage offers and creates a sacred space in which couples can truly be themselves.  What better inititaion into a unique and creative marriage than a tailor-made wedding ceremony.

Naomi has been a student of the Kabbalah, esoteric Christianity, Native American practices and Buddhist and yogic meditation.   She is also available for private counseling and psychotherapy.

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